"Through the journey of purified action, purified intellect and purified will, everyone can become available for the eternal bliss of universality.

I dedicate this space to the highest possibilities of mankind. Realising our true essence and to live every moment in that awareness. " - Chaitanya Yogesh


Kashmir Shaivism is divine wisdom conveyed in an unconventional way

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What is Renunciation?

Renunciation doesn’t mean leaving your family, house or job. But true renunciation happens when you understand impermanence of everything around you. It is getting rid of “attachment” and “affection” of the physical world. For true Read more…



“This world is so blessed to have this gentle being born as Chaitanya Yogesh. HIS heart is full of compassion and Love for All. He is the source of Love, light and wisdom as he Read more…