Kashmir Shaivism is divine wisdom conveyed in an unconventional way. There are some texts which can be understood by advanced level practitioners, and some of which can be understood by both (beginners and advanced level practitioners). However the latter is sufficient enough for self-recognition if practised, implemented and contemplated.

Pratibhigya, Vigyan Bhairav and Shiva sutras are applicable for every level of practitioners even beginners and are Core of Kashmir Shaivism. These are also the apex of non-dual philosophy.

Saiva literature or Trika system can be divided into three types of Shastras:

  1. Agama Shastras- believed to have divine authorship e.g. Malinivijaya Tantra, Rudrayamala Tantra, Shiva Sutras etc.
  2. Spanda Shastras- e.g. spandakarika
  3. Pratyabhijna Shastras- these contain arguments, counter-arguments and reasoning hence can be comprehended with logical understanding. E.g. Pratyabhijnahrdyam, Shivadrishti etc.


The Secret of Self-Recognition

    Avadhoota Gita