The meaning of Pratyabhijna simply is self-recognition.

How can you recognise a person or place?

Only if you have been with him or that place before.

Have you been with Shiva before, of course, yes. In Malinivijyottara tantra Shiva explains to devi: Since we have been there before we can recognise it.

In fact, throughout the world, all enlightened or self-realised masters will say they have not gained anything special but realised that which they already are. It's a feeling of coming back home after a long journey or waking up from a dream of the world. Nothing gained.

But you lose the unnecessary conditioning, the load you keep on carrying one life to another life. You break the bondage of Puryashtaka.


by Chaitanya Yogesh




The Secret Heart of Recognition


Sutra 1

चितिः स्वतन्त्रा विश्वसिद्धिहेतुः॥१॥
Citiḥ svatantrā viśvasiddhihetuḥ||1||


Sutra 2

स्वेच्छया स्वभित्तौ विश्वमुन्मीलयति॥२॥
Svecchayā svabhittau viśvamunmīlayati||2||



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