I am not going to write a scholarly essay on Pratyabhijanahrdayam, I am not a scholar. I will use this form as a vehicle to express the supreme reality as experienced by this form.

The purpose is not to impress you with etymology or grammar but to bring a shift in your understanding through this nectar of divine knowledge.

Truth is very simple and most of these lines are written from utter surrender to Chaitanya. The language is kept self-explanatory so that people with even basic English or Hindi can also understand.

My expectation from the reader is to carefully digest each sutra and concept one by one and not to just go through it in one sitting. I don’t want to increase the burden of knowledge which you have acquired throughout many lifetimes. Shiva says in Shiv Sutras: Jnanam Bandhah or knowledge is the bondage or 'false' knowledge is the bondage. That is why these original sutras have been kept in an unadulterated form without scholarly over explanations.

Throughout the sutras, in many places, I have added contemplations or meditations to allow it to be really practical. It would be great if you can just stop and use these contemplations as tools for your journey inward.

May these words emanating from para speech, sustained by pashyanti speech and expressed through madhyama in form of thoughts, gracefully elevate you to Shiva pramata. - Chaitanya Yogesh





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