Sutra 1

तन्त्रा विश्वसिद्धिहेतुः॥१॥
Citiḥ svatantrā viśvasiddhihetuḥ||1||


The independent (svatantrā) Śakti or Chaitanya (citiḥ) (is) the cause (hetuḥ) of manifestation, maintenance and dissolution (siddhi)1 of the universe (viśva)||1||


The universal consciousness is free for Siddhi of the universe or the absolute citi, of its own free will, is the cause of the Siddhi of the universe.

Siddhi means - Srishti (creation), Sthiti(sustenance) and Samhara(disruption or resting).

When I first read this sutra I went into a trance and felt like I had received answers to all my pending questions. It was like a nuclear explosion. Every doubt of the mind burnt to ashes.

"Chaitanya is absolutely free and independent".

What is Chaitanya?

There is no English word for Chaitanya, but the closest words are awareness, knowingness or consciousness. Chaitanya has two aspects; Prakasha and Vimarsha.

Prakasha means light of knowing, the light which makes the possibility of knowing anything.
Vimarsha means self-awareness of this knowingness.

This knowingness not only makes us know everything we experience but also knows itself.


Just ask a question to yourself....
Am I aware?
Am I aware that I exist?

Even when all the senses and the mind are quiet, you still know that you exist - this is Vimarsha.
You exist independent of all experiences.

Do it practically, don't bring your mind in between. It will not help you.

Now this Chaitanya “self aware awareness” is free.

Nothing in this universe, which you experience through the five senses and mind is free. Everything is dependent on the experiencer. According to quantum physics, there will be no action if there is no observer. E.g. If the whole world is blind, what is the meaning of colours and light.

Can you still make beautiful paintings, magnificent buildings and gardens of Eden?

All will be worthless without eyes.

The same is true for the other five senses.

The purpose of the five gross elements is to support the five senses.

Isn't it?

We have discussed Chaitanya and it's free will, now let's discuss five acts of Siva.

Srishti, Stithi, Samhara, Tirodhan, and Anugraha.

Tirodhan means the concealment of its true nature.

Anugraha means grace through which it reveals its true nature.

So Shiva does these five kriyas or acts where he creates the universe, sustains it, destroys it, conceals it and reveals it.

E.g if you are reading this you first created the screen, sustained its existence and after reading it you put your attention somewhere else hence Samhara.


We keep on doing all these acts throughout the day, on a small scale.

For Srshti/manifestation it takes forms of Pramata(subject), Pramana(knowledge) and Prameya(object).

Shiva itself becomes all three.

If you see anything or experience anything there are three aspects to it: knower(subject), knowledge and object of knowledge.

The mind says these are three, but experience says these are one.

A true yogi is always aware that Pramana, Prameya and Pramata are one.

Contemplate over this, this is one of the ultimate Sadhanas.


Chaitanya is free to create, sustain and destroy the world because of its own free will.

Will is one of the three powers of Shiva namely-iccha(will), Gyan(knowledge) and kriya(action).

Any success in the world is achieved through the balance of these three powers.

Om Namah Shivaya


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