Sutra 2

स्वेच्छया स्वभित्तौ विश्वमुन्मीलयति॥२॥
Svecchayā svabhittau viśvamunmīlayati||2||


Because of its own (sva) Will (icchayā), "Citi"-- unfolds (unmīlayati) the universe (viśvam) on its own (sva) wall or screen --bhitti-- (bhittau)||2||


Chaitanya because of its own free will, unfolds the universe on itself.

As we discussed in the first sutra, because of the free will of Chaitanya or Paramshiva, it starts unfolding the universe. This is the result of the divine will of Chaitanya or Paramshiva who wants to experience itself. Here we should also understand that Vimarsha and Svatantrya, or free will, are the same concepts.

Now the key question is, where does this unfolding will happen?

The answer is simple - On Itself!!!

As nothing else exists apart from Chaitanya it unfolds the universe from itself, on itself. To understand this in a better way I would like to give you my favourite metaphor i.e. watching a movie, or nowadays in a 3D movie, in a cinema.

When you go to a cinema or movie theatre, before the movie begins what do you observe? - just the screen. Once the projector starts projecting specific lights you start watching mountains, rivers, characters in the movie and if you put on 3D glasses then everything comes out of the screen and becomes a virtual reality. This is what the great seers were saying thousands of years ago. The only difference between the cinema and the reality is that in Chaitanya the Shiva, or the light of knowing, is the projector. It projects the reality through five senses, intellect, ego and mind.


Just ask a question to yourself....

Just imagine what the world would be without these five senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.....
Can you experience the universe in the same way?

If you close your eyes the world disappears, just compare it with 3D glasses in the above metaphor. That means the reality appears in a particular way because of these senses.

Further, the intellect which dissects your thoughts, your ego which takes responsibility or doer-ship and your dicey mind just add more complexity to the reality.

Chaitanya is in fact the source of all these senses, intellect, ego and mind.



Only Shiva himself can make such a declaration - That all existence is unfolding of, on and by Shiva.

So this sutra says the universe is just an unfolding of Shiva and this is all happening within Shiva. Essentially it means everything is Shiva and nothing can exist outside of Shiva. Every deva, Asura, Gandharva, human, blade of grass, the sky, earth, light, darkness, mountain, river, desert, good/bad, wise/fool everything and nothingness all is Shiva.

All is a grand play of Shiva, who plays it within himself.

One who knows this by experience is indeed free, not only free, he is with Shiva, not only with Shiva, he is Shiva.

Om Namah Shivaya


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