Spontaneous kundalini awakening

How can I get spontaneous kundalini awakening experience?

Ans: My question is why you want kundalini awakening and that also “spontaneous”?

The purpose of kundalini awakening is mostly getting something which makes you apart from ordinary.

That is simple ego enhancement.

Coming to your question there are three types of kundalini: Chit, Pran and Para.

Chit kundalini is non-sequential and deemed as superior, why because it is automatic it does not require any effort. It is a by-product of self-recognition. It is for seekers who can go beyond the body e.g. asking Who am I? Or remaining thoughtless for a certain period.

Pran Kunadalini is sequential and you have to rise step by step, it starts from Muladhara and shoots upward in a sequence till it reaches Brahamrandhra. If you are strongly identified with your body then Pran kundalini is useful. A yogi might get certain abilities which are only impediments in a spiritual journey.

A yogi is required to leave all this aside and keep the target clear i.e. merging with Shiva or Supreme Consciousness. After which there is no cycle of birth and death.

Para Kundalini cannot be experienced while living in the body, hence shall not be discussed.