Ego, root of all illusion

Ego is the root of all illusion, this is the first impurity.

The biggest supernatural power is getting rid of your ego.

People walk on fire, walk on water, remain underground for weeks, stop breathing, stop eating, standing on one leg for years, winning arguments and praise all that is food for the ego.

Egolessness is true Siddhi but rarely desired.

There are three ways to get rid of the false ego collected over many lifetimes:

  1. Taking it to the extreme pressure point and let it burst, by saying “I AM ALL PERVADING, THE ONE CONSCIOUSNESS”. This is too much for the ego and like a bubble, it disrupts by itself in the true self.
  2. The second way is the other extreme by fully accepting I KNOW NOTHING, HOLD NOTHING AND CAN DO NOTHING and surrendering to the one running the entire show.
  3. The third way is realising that there is no ego, this is just an illusory burden that we keep on emanating every moment because of our conditioning.

You just have to examine carefully to see clearly.

The first way is the way of intellect(Sankhya or Gyanyoga or Pratyabhijna, second is the path of heart/surrender or Bhakti Yoga. The third is the way of Shaivism or Tantra.

All religions of the world can be summarized in these paths.