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Chaitanya Darshan

“Chaitanya” means Prakasha & Vimarsha.

“Prakasha” does not mean physical light but a light of knowing. It also represents the Shiva aspect.

“Vimarsha” means the ability to know itself, self-awareness of the knowingness. It also represents Shakti aspect.

All close English translations e.g.consciousness, awareness, knowingness upon proper investigation fall short of representing Chaitanya.

Chaitanya Yogesh

“This has been a journey of many lifetimes, culminating in the nothingness of Chaitanya. The language is too gross to illuminate this experiential paradox.

Through the journey of purified action, purified intellect and purified will, everyone can become available for the eternal bliss of universality.

I dedicate this space to the highest possibilities of mankind. Realising our true essence and to live every moment in that awareness. ” – Chaitanya Yogesh