Chaitanya Darshan is an opportunity for those who are ready to go beyond the experience of the five senses and the mind. The purpose is to realise our true essence and live every moment in that awareness. 

Here we discuss various spiritual teachings, ask questions, and more importantly meditate using various techniques including Vijanabhairava and Non Dual meditations.

OnLine Courses & Classes

Chaitanya Darshan offers live weekly classes and regular courses online.
You are most welcome to participate in these and enjoy the journey with us.

OnLine Series

Exclusive series,  available for online spiritual learning in your own time.

The Eternal Bliss of Universality (Level-1)


How does one enjoy the eternal bliss of universality?
The ultimate answers to these questions can only be arrived at through your personal experience. In traditional Shaivism wisdom, both the right experience and the right knowledge, are given a lot of importance.

A series of 10 lessons which take you on an experiential journey of the ancient wisdom of non-duality and tantra.


Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra Series

A step by step walk you through each of the 112 meditation techniques in the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra

Vijnanabhairav Tantra is a chapter in Rudrayamala Tantra. It literally means the inner science of Bhairava. There are 112 ways to explore and reach to your true self.
In Tantra the importance is given to experience, not to concepts.
The conceptual understanding may satisfy our mind but the purpose of all these methods is to go beyond mind and senses. It is advised to understand these dharna through a living master.
All the dharnas or methods can be divided in three categories:
– Anavopaya
– Shaktopaya
– Shambhopaya
The purpose is to make your experience subtler with each method.

Enjoy each meditation technique as you learn and grow in your own time through this exclusive video series.

Atmananda Krishna Menon Series

Atma Nirvriti

The first series on Atmananda Krishna Menon will explore the book Atma Nirvriti.
Each chapter will be discussed in detail with some experiential meditations dotted throughout so that the student can understand the topic through experience and not only intellectually.

Take the journey with us through Atma Nirvriti.