Non Duality

The question asked by many individuals is: What is the nature of ultimate reality?

Humanity started exploring this reality through the concepts of Charvaks, Nyaya, Meemansa, Samkhya, Yoga and Vedant etc. All of these definitely provide a sort of relief, peace or happiness for some time. But then a point is reached where the duality or multiplicity of things doesn’t satisfy the continuously exploring human mind.

In the final moments of examination one realizes the oneness, or non duality, inside all multiplicity. 


For me, a question which opened a portal for new perception was: 

How can there be infinite reality if we believe in duality or limitations of our body and mind? 

If we divide infinity or break reality, does it not becomes limited and unreal?


Understanding non duality is only one step but never sufficient. It should not be a concept but a living reality for an individual.

The talks that have been provided here attempt to explore the various topic of non-duality in an experiential way. A way in which you will not understand the concepts, but make it a living reality in your lives.